Published Double Bass music

Jan Alm

Bass Quartet No.1

Jan Alm, 1984

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Bass Quartet No.2

Jan Alm, 2001

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ABC Trios Jan Alm, 2004

Jan Alm writes "In 2004 I was commissioned by London's Royal College of Music Junior Department to write ensemble pieces for young players. Group playing has many benefits; young players are often left alone for too long, the orchestra repertoire being either too difficult or too easy for them to progress. A catchy tune or rhythm can bring near-beginners quickly up to speed, especially if they practise with more advanced players."

ABC-trios comprices four small pieces: 'Astounding Antelopes', 'Bad Mood Badgers', 'Crooky Crocodiles', and 'Dynamite Dogs'.

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Q for Salamanca

Jan Alm, 2011

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