Courses - Spring Basses 2017

Spring Basses - February 2017
A short course for younger players

Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 February 2017

Yorke Trust Creake Centre in North Norfolk.

The aim of the course is to encourage younger members or possible new members to come to a select gathering before the Summer School and meet bassists who already know the set up and ethos of Bass Club.

This year Spring Basses will be more for the young intermediate players where special attention can be given to strengthen technique and develop chamber music.

These players will able to develop confidence and there will be a solo concert and master class.

This will be an excellent opportunity to engage in performing skills and for younger members to become aware of the possibilities of the bass.

The main part of the course will concentrate on techniques and students will participate in carefully planned group work.

There will be concerts and masterclasses where students are encouraged to play within a very comfortable and supportive environment.

Free time will include cooking, games and enjoying visits to the wonderful countryside around. The Walsingham snowdrop walk is popular along with the various beach walks.

The Yorke Trust Centre is the spiritual home of the Bass Club.

The Yorke Trust was originally the umbrella organisation for the Yorke Mini Bass Project, which started 30 years ago to enable young players to begin the double bass with specially commissioned small double basses.

12 places are available for younger players and early booking is strongly recommended.

To apply for the Spring Basses course please contact Caroline Emery:

 email Caroline Emery at the Bass Club

 Telephone +44 (0)20 8330 3188.